Growing Up in a Nature Preserve, Seedlings Become Glimmins, Enjoying the Red, the Whites and the Blues

Racing blindness, photographer-author Elihu Blotnick reaches out with three new books this June from Firefallmedia.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 -- On June 21, Firefall Editions will release Seedlings, the Glimmins, and Free-For-All: the reds the whites and the blues, three photography books, begun thirty years ago and only fine-tuned and finalized now. Seedlings and the Glimmins could both be sub-titled Children of the Western Woods, but one is a documentary portrait, and the other a photo-story book. A few of the children also playfully appear in Free For All, in a theme and variation on the flag, originating with the Bicentennial.

In visual fact, Seedlings is a romance of the redwoods, and a visit to a two-room-schoolhouse playground. Glimmins lets loose the demon of personality in all woods children and lets them define a Glimmin. In turn, Free For All is a satire/celebration of the American craze for painting the Colors of the flag all over the landscape.

Elihu Blotnick himself is a San Francisco photographer, well known for his real/surreal style and his willingness to take risks. Firefall will also be releasing his unique novelistic fiction, his short story journalism, and his illustrated whimsey later this year. The rush of releases is triggered by the fact that ten years ago he lost sight in one eye, and now there are warning signs that he may soon lose sight in the other. His first photographic book Saltwater Flats (1974) was reviewed by The New York Times Book Review, as "Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America." Thus began his long successful career.

Details of his coming books can be seen at

"I already wrote one novel of what my eye sees inside itself," Blotnick said, "but these now are positive books in a world of negative attention. Endearing, true, and lasting, I hope. It was time to return to my roots, and in these books I have. I expect they will outlast our current world turmoil."

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