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The Voice of Russian Hill Remastered

San Francisco, February 21, 2005 - RUSSIAN HILL Storm Year, a newly remastered audio CD to be released in July, presents Elihu Blotnick from Russian Hill, in poetry in his own voice. The CD is a gift of mood and place, of company for a cold wet night, and explores the inner and outer weather, of the hill life in San Francisco.

"When the sun sets, I live in a Chinese lantern", the first poem on the CD, rode BART, the San Francisco subway, for four years, as part of the poetry-in-transit series, commuting daily throughout the Bay Area as ten 20x21 posters.

Available in digital format on CD for the first time, RUSSIAN HILL Storm Year, a firefallmedia release will be $3.95 retail and available from Audible and iTunes.

Journalist Sandra Ann Harris has reviewed the CD in advance. "Blotnick's soft deep voice is as evocative as the fog that swirls around the hill, shrouding panoramic views with a veil of white and turning the hill in on itself. The poems start by looking outward, but as they are read the listener is taken deeper into Russian Hill's tiny byways, its history, its rumbling and grumbling cable car tracks and, ultimately, deep into the poet's mind. As he says in the cover notes, 'The view outward opens each mind to itself, then the hill becomes an ark of inward exploration.’" 

Also to be released at the same time is a four-CD audio by the same author reading his earlier book California Street 1 (San Francisco adventures and some that only began here). This is a very different reading, of very different material, called "fascinating and frightening" by the Pacific Historian.

Blotnick is also the photographer and poet-author of Saltwater Flats, called “profound and personal images of contemporary America" by The New York Times. At one time he was both a graduate student at San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley. He still lives in San Francisco.

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