Players and Puppet Masters; New Author Interview Show Seeks National Distribution

Original TV Interview Show, hosted by authors of dramatic action, seeks national distribution.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 13, 2007 --Agent Robinson Joyce at Firefall-Literary announced today that the pilot for a new and unique interview show was ready for viewing. The lineup of authors is being kept under wraps however, though Joyce did reveal that several pseudonymous authors are on the roster, and their identity will be exposed. "We even have a few author-artists back from the dead," he said. "Really they live on through their groupies, and on camera," he explained. "Some of the authors will be trying out their own television pilots as well," he explained. When asked to go into detail however, Joyce went quiet, but said the answers would be worth the wait. Meanwhile, it is known, from anonymous sources, that Tom Pope and Rama Kim are co-conspirators in this project, and Case Cohen and Dave Sheridan somehow figure into it. Also, the program has been in the works for seven years, and has been filmed on location on both coasts. Preliminary negotiations with a national distributor are under way, but Joyce apprently believes that the surprises he has in store for the show's audience may require a back-up distribution plan. For the moment, inquiries are invited.
Contact Robinson Joyce: 510-549-2461