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San Francisco, April 6, 2006 - Originally published as a 192 page hardcover book, in 1998, GREENLINGS is now an audiobook, read by the author, Redland Rose. It's a winsome satire of the running scene at the Marina Green, San Francisco, and will be offered by Amazon and others as a 4-CD package, and by as a digital download, beginning on August 15, 2006.
    It begins: “the supple flash of flesh rising, blink and go blind, no she’s real, flowering up from the deep green grass. I buzz closer. The long vase of her legs lifts her petal red hair higher. She sways, stem clay to the sun. I swarm to her, she dance-runs in place...She hums. Her ear-plug-radio is so loud, I’m stung by the electronic feed-box rubberband rhythm. She removes her headset, slowly, looking around, as if to see where the silence is coming from. Above us, a sperm kite swims the wind. To her left, two ten-year-olds menace each other in a butt-bumping contest. On my left a thin tall man is practicing Tai-Chi in slowest motion, with a woman in childbirth position, watching at his feet. The Marina Green is happening....”
    The hardcover book was reviewed by San Francisco media and in running
magazines as enticing, enjoyable, a gift and a good read. The audiobook is equally appealing.
    Indeed, the book is a racy running adventure: born to the stud farm, the narrator-hero returns to claim his inheritance...
    The author spent three years on the scene himself and actually wrote the book by hand, while hanging out in the grass there. He also trained in acting at New York University.
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