Digital Gets Physical - The Revolution Reinvented - Sim-Books-tm, an Alternative Future for the Ebook

Firefallmedia bridges the digital-paper divide with a new delivery system, by introducing USB-Books-tm and Sim-Books-tm, to enhance the versatility of ebooks, and overcome resistance.

San Francisco, CA; August 4, 2010:
Firefallmedia has created a novel form of book distribution to bridge the digital-paper divide. Ebooks in physical form, in the customized shape of micro-usb-credit-cards and micro-sim-playing cards, will be ready for launch in October. Consumers, through their purchases, will decide which size and style prevails. The portable, plug-in anywhere cards, may contain a single book, an e-series, or a select suite from the publisher’s catalog and will be priced at $8, $29, and $79 respectively. The five books in Firefall’s Pseudonymous Series-tm, for example, will sell for $29 on a single card. The cards will use the different reader ports available, directly or through adapters. Separate holders - wallets and playing card cases - may also function as adapters. Developed by Elihu Blotnick, author, and editor-at-large, as a way to smooth the way forward, these digideck libraries should ease many concerns. “Of course, they’ll create new ones too,” Blotnick said, "Meanwhile, ebook ecards will work well enough. Innovation is easy, when we piece it together from parts already around us.” The chief concern that Blotnick is referring to is the fact that few people want to read a book on a computer. “It's like licking plasticized ice cream,” according to Robinson Joyce, Firefall’s publisher, “No one wants to buy a disappearing act or be bled by corporate greed either. Arbitrary locks and changing rules make us feel like fools. If you buy the Brooklyn Bridge, at least it won’t disappear on you.” At the same time, no one wants to carry unnecessary baggage on vacation or lose their freedom to travel on Earth or in space. “NASA take note,” Blotnick said, “Books can be beamed down or up, but travelers still prefer to possess at least an ounce of personal worth.” Firefall Mini-Decks-tm, Sim-books-tm, and BookDecks-tm may or may not be the wave of the future, but testing shows positive. The reading experience comes alive: you again possess what you pay for. You can plug it in anywhere without limitation as to device and time limit. You own it, you can even lend it. It’s like a tape, a record, a DVD, only smaller. “Let the experiment begin,” Joyce announced. And in due course, Firefall will also have a shufflebook card that, in random read mode, offers books by surprise. "Bookdecks will also be available as all hearts - romances, all clubs - war stories - or as a fixed mixed deck Our original offerings will include the books of the Pseudonymous Series-tm, singly or complete; the Blot Books-tm, WW2 in the Atlantic and Pacific, a new authors series, and Merla Zellerbach's mysteries," Joyce added. Firefallmedia is a trade publisher with an eclectic list of titles and fine, significant reviews.