25 Million Reward Offered for First Non-Polluting Airline

To dramatically change the reckless attitude of airlines toward the atmosphere, LegalLock is offering a new prize, for innovation, or failing that, a legal lock on destructive behavior.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (PRWEB) March 8, 2007 -- Twenty-five million in reward money was offered today for the first major trans-continental trans-oceanic airline to achieve zero emissions in the air and on the ground before 2021. Funded by LegalLock, the award will be administered by Robinson Joyce, its president.

"Jet travel is a serious risk to the planet," he said. "Chasing the chimera of carbon neutrality doesn't work. The net gain is always minus. We're not drowning in liquid CO2 yet, but that's the potential ultimate result of global warming. Hitting the problem now head on with new alternatives is a must. The prize offered is too little really, but it may jump-start the right action. So, we're offering this prize to the first airline that doesn't fly on hot air and can demonstrate that it lives by the principles it promotes, rather than the promotions it principles. In short, knights of entrepreneurship who have plans to expand their polluting activities into near-space need not apply."
An anonymous group of earth-wealthy in Europe and the U.S., LegalLock is focusing on air travel because of its explosive and unnecessary growth, as well as its lack of pollution regulation.

"By converting fuel loads into more than a hundred-million tons of atmosphere-altering gases and injecting them directly and cumulatively into the upper atmosphere each year, the airlines are ignoring long-term consequences. This needs to change dramatically and immediately. We can't wait for crisis to overwhelm us. It'll be too late, far beyond our control; the airlines will be forced to shut down then," Joyce added, "Let's hope they find a new technology and a new business model that looks to the long term. I've volunteered as a facilitator, and LegalLock has offered its resources. We'll welcome a winner. But if there isn't one, the prize resources will go to non-governmental regulatory enforcement, if feasible."
Additional information can be found at http://www.twentyfivemillion.com.