25 Million Mass Transit Space Travel Award

Legallock announces its second 25 million prize, for mass transit space travel, "to sense the immortality of human kind".

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 5, 2007 -- In the category of future cool, LegalLock today offered its second 25 million prize, titled the Mass-Transit Space-Travel Reward, for a space craft that doesn't exhale and that carries its own weight in passengers daily. The prize is meant to encourage a new space age, in which Earth orbit and beyond are accessible to the general public. Current technology won't work for mass-transit. "We need something entirely new, leaps of imagination that can be expressed as technological triumphs," said Robinson Joyce, the Legallock coordinator and spokesman.
Legallock is a private philanthropic club, with an anonymous membership, who share a common belief: becoming benefactors of the future is a welcome responsibility.
"Current theories of space travel are teeming with possibilities," Joyce went on to say, "Creating the corresponding technology is only a matter of time."
For Legallock members, however, the right ecology is of prime concern. "It's decisive, for space flight," Joyce added, "We can't sweep up behind us. And things like buying pollution credits is loading the gun, and adding a silencer to the act of using it. It's wrong. Money doesn't convey murder rights or planet killing permission. Nor is this prize intended to. If, at moments, our announcement sounds like a manifesto from the moon, with its attempt at a higher overview and harsh moral rules, that's good. This really isn't about money. LegalLock members understand, for example, that trying to eliminate the guzzling waste of racing is as unrealistic as blanketing the glaciers to stop them from melting. And ash tossing and sight-seeing and roller-coaster thrills are in us all. But we want to make a higher dream our reality. We want everyone to sense the immortality of human kind, and work to achieve it. This can only be done through free flight, that offers flexible controls for improvising in unexpected circumstances. Space elevators and sling shots do not suffice, and as such aren't eligible to win."

For full information and the prize announcement, see http://www.twentyfivemillion.com